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Mistress V arrived at my hotel room in and she was looking fantastic! She definitely works out on a regular basis and it shows. She came in and we sat down on the sofa and exchanged small talk. This was my first time seeing Mistress V and even though we talked on the phone when I called to schedule a session, I was still a bit nervous.

I’m always nervous the 1st time seeing someone. She poured a glass of red wine for both of us, we had a nice chat and the nerves started to slowly go away.

While talking she opened her bag of goodies. She had some really nice toys. Among them were a few different Strap-Ons. I make no bones about it that’s, the reason I really wanted to see her. For non-VIP’s, this is the best FemDom I have ever seen, and she will make your deepest fantasy come true.


VIP Section:

I showed her the butt plug i had brought with me. She stood up and told me when she comes out of the bathroom I should be naked, on my knees and the but plug in. Well I got undressed, got my lube and did what I was told. Mistress V came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a strap-on and black boots with a riding crop. She looked amazing. She strutted around me with a dog leash she put on me and ran her fingers thru my hair. Her fem cock erect and sometime grazing me as she walked around me. She stood in front of me, looking down at me. she come closer her femdom cock now in my face. "you know what to do" she said.

I slowly started to lick up and down the shaft of her femdom cock. Enjoying every second of it. Slowly I started to suck it for her. Taking as much of it in my mouth as i could. Gradually I started sucking it faster and stroking it. As I was sucking it she sat down. Don’t stop, your doing so well" I continued to service her cock as she sat on the edge of the bed. Ii don’t know how much time went by but mid suck she grabbed my head and had me stop.

Mistress V stood up, took the condom off that was originally on and put a new one on. She then took a little lube and put it on her fem cock. I was then told to take out the butt plug.  When I had done what I was told, Mistress told me to get on the bed and get on all 4s. She came up behind me, grabbed my hips and slowly started to insert the femdom cock inside me. It felt so good!

Once all the way in Mistress V just stopped. It was nice to just feel it all the way in me. After allowing me to get warmed up and get used to her fem cock in me she grabbed my hips again and slowly started to pump it in and out. OMG it felt so amazing feeling her thrust her femdom cock in my ass!

Gradually she started to go faster. Before I knew it she was fucking my brains out. I was moaning uncontrollably. Every now and then she gives my ass a smack with the riding crop. I was getting fucked deep and fast and i loved every second. “Take it you fucking Slut”, she said over and over.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she stopped. "get on your back and get those legs in the air!" before I knew it I was on my back, my legs warped around her back and I was getting fucked in missionary! I couldn’t contain myself. Moaning and begging her to not to stop and to keep fucking me. "you’re my whore, aren’t you?" "who’s my bitch?"  "take it you slut!" the more she talked to me like that the more I wanted her femdom cock and the more I wanted to keep getting fucked.


Suddenly she stopped and pulled out of me. Mistress V stood up and walked to the chair in the corner of the room. "come and ride my cock bitch. you need to do some work" I crawled over to her, stood up and turned my back to her. I was glued down on to her femdomme cock. I started to ride her, bouncing up and down and loving it. "c’mon cunt, ride my cock!" It was ecstasy! Her hand on my hips pushing me down on her cock. After riding her for a bit she had me stop with her all the way inside me and start to grind on her femdom cock. I felt like I had orgasmic several times without having to cum. Only 1 other woman had ever done that to me. She pulled my head back onto her shoulder as I was grinding her  cock."your such a good little whore!" as she was whispering into my ear she had let her hand roam over my chest and was slightly pinching and teasing my nipples. Gradually her right hand worked its way down to my cock, and gently she teased and caressed it. OMG! I couldn’t take it anymore.


She then pushed my from behind and I was on all 4s again. Her cock pumping in and out of me "cum for me!" I started to stroke my cock and came almost immediately. After pulling out of me she was on the bed and took her strap on off and told me, "you’re such a good slut. It was an experience Ii will never forget. It is also and experience I would love to have again and again. If you find yourself in Orlando, she is simply the best! 

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Mistress V in Orlando, and let me tell you, it was unlike anything I've ever encountered before.

Mistress V's energy was electric and contagious, immediately putting me at ease as we began discussing my limits and desires. She listened intently and showed genuine interest in my unique kinks, allowing me to trust her completely as we began our session.

The intensity of Mistress V's dominance was palpable as she led me through a series of carefully planned activities that left me breathless and exhilarated. Her ability to read my body language and push me to my limits was truly impressive, and I found myself constantly surprised by what I was capable of.

Despite the physical and emotional intensity of the session, Mistress V never lost her warmth and compassion. She frequently checked in on me, making sure I was comfortable and enjoying the experience, and always allowed me to call a safe word if needed.

As the session came to a close, I felt completely euphoric and rejuvenated, both physically and emotionally. Mistress V's session was a truly unforgettable experience, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to explore their deepest desires in a safe and welcoming environment.

In summary, Mistress V is a master of her craft, and I can't wait for my next session with her. She has a unique ability to push boundaries while maintaining a sense of empathy and safety, creating an unforgettable experience that will leave you begging for more.

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